Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The closing party, the date of which was squeezed into the calendar of this year’s PhilArtsFestHK, was meant to gather friends and art enthusiasts to the gallery once again for them to see the outcome of the mural after it was started last June 3. The four blank canvas panels are now full of elements, images in line drawing-like patterns of various things and people.

Despite the sudden news that Typhoon Signal #1 was hoisted here in Hong Kong, which was expected to be raised to #8, still friends who are serious about supporting the art of Hong Kong-based Filipino artists arrived at the gallery.

It is sad sometimes to see the same faces in our exhibitions all these years and this observation was even shared by a Hong Kong-based foreigner who is supporting Philippine art all these years. I just hope that the so-called "curse" does not affect the small community of Filipinos here in this place which is much closer to home.

Despite the all-out publicity now and the growing popular knowledge that there exists a festival of arts and culture of Filipinos here in this world city we still have to see people going in droves to art galleries showcasing the works of Filipino artists the way the public is interested with the Hong Kong Art Fair.

What comes to mind is the relevance of art done by Filipinos in particular or the relevance of art in general in the lives of people more preoccupied with surviving while the prices of commodities are rising.

To me, if art only serves to satisfy the investment aspect rather than convey a strong message to at least uplift people's souls or even lead artists to have a more positive outlook in life or a clean life then these art pieces will just remain as mere commodities adding to the pile of rubbish that add to a depressing personal life once the interest on them fades away completely.

Artist Noel de Guzman, whose new works are part of the ongoing group exhibition at the Floren Gallery, is one of the most prolific Hong Kong-based Filipino artists. His forthcoming solo exhibition titled Cyclic Circles will open on Thursday, June 26, 2008 at the Karen Weber Gallery here in Hong Kong.

Ms. Tessie from Archangel Gallery

Is collecting and investing in Philippine art really relevant and an enviable opportunity? What is Philippine art? Are those art done by Filipinos elsewhere considered Philippine art?

My concern is not necessarily confined to all topics or things Filipino but that which are common to all peoples of this world. Divorce, separation, apostasy and all those negative things affecting a person are serious matters of concern and art could play an important role to help people become enlightened. But if I myself is lost morally and spiritually what good is my art if my concern is only fame and money?

And what happens to an artist whose life remains miserable after the glare of spotlights focused on him and his art fades after each and every media-hyped exhibition?

What's this mysterious image in the mural all about? If you want to know about it plus some more surprises about this new art piece just come and visit SARA SENE GALLERY.