Thursday, June 4, 2009


        RAINBOW WATERFALLS (see more JOEL E. FERRARIS' sculptures here)

Sculptures are considered as 3-dimensional pieces of art. Having the opportunity to study architecture at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City allowed a door opened for me in the discipline of thinking concepts, designing, drawing plans hands-on, studies in mathematics and calculus plus engineering sciences. These experiences and lessons augmented my discipline as a studio painter and visual artist, a portrait artist, muralist, craftsman and struggling writer.

In my own point of view as an artist my dilemma in being a painter and a once-upon-a-time architecture student was given fruitful solution and outcome. Sculpture as a form of art lies between 2-dimensional art forms like painting and the 3-dimensional habitable structures that are products of architecture in the form of buildings.

Painting and all its forms and media used are mostly done by the artist without the aid of others for no one could mimic minute brush strokes exactly. In contrast, buildings as structures that fall under the category of architecture, are completed after undergoing a more intricate process with the aid of other experts in various disciplines from engineers, city officials, construction workers and other personnel. In short, there is an "army" of experts involved. Yet in the end the architect gains recognition because the original basic concept and design belongs to him/her. The same could be true in making films and in doing sculptures. The size, volume and time element involved requires a team of experts to make an idea drawn on paper "come to life."

Nowadays, with the introduction of the digital technology, some visual artists doing 2-dimensional forms of art require the use of other available means with the aid of other experts. Some examples are those who practice art using digital technology like professional photograpers.

I am happy that the designs and concepts I did for SM Sky Garden was made into a reality by a team of world class experts from Themebuilders Philippines Inc, a company responsible for various projects worldwide that includes Ocean Park in Hong Kong, The Dinosaur Project in the US  and the famous Corpus Experience Museum in the Netherlands to name a few. 

And you know what?! They are based in Pampanga, Philippines which is my country. It only shows how talented Filipinos are and because companies like Themebuilders Philippines Inc.  believe in the Filipino talent this mutual trust that allows jobs to be available to many must be maintained.